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CPQ Podcast

Dec 10, 2017

Show Notes:
This is our first interview with an Education Institution (University/College) and Prof. Lars Hvam provides valuable and interesting perspectives for anyone interested to learn more about Product Configurators and CPQ.
In this interview I talk to Prof Lars Hvam who is teaching at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
  • You can contact Prof. Lars Hvam for questions at 
  • The Product Configuration Workshop in Austria that Prof. Hvam mentioned on the Podcast can be viewed here
  • The Book Prof. Hvam authored ( Product Customization ) is sold on Amazon 
  • Check this website to learn more about the Danish Association of Product Modeling
  • Here is the link to the article about Product Model Maintenance that was mentioned in the Podcast Interview (around 12:30m)
  • Here are some more leading thinkers with regards to Product Configuration and CPQ
    • Alexander Felfernig, Klagenfurt
    • Linda Zhang, Paris
    • Juha Tiihonen, Helsinki
    • Elise Vareilles, Albi Toulouse
    • Michel Aldanondo, Albi Toulouse
    • Cipriano Forza, Padova
    • Petri Helo, Helsinki