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CPQ Podcast

Jun 24, 2018

Tony started working with CAD and Product Configuration tools in the 80s and he founded his company in 1987. In this interview, Tony discusses Technicon's partnership with Tacton, his background in complex manufacturing, what he considers to be game-changers in CPQ for manufacturers.

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Jun 17, 2018

John is the author of the Forrester Wave 2017 Configure-Price-Quote Solutions Report.  In this interview he shares how he works with CPQ Solution Providers, what role configuration and pricing plays for ecommerce and CPQ, where he expects the CPQ Market to go and much more

Jun 10, 2018

Dan has many years of business experience with his own company as well as companies like IBM and BMC.  In this interview he shares how he started with CPQ, why he considers Artificial Intelligence the most interesting CPQ topic and much more

Jun 3, 2018

Price f(x) is a CPQ Solution Provider that is focusing on Pricing capabilities.  In this interview I talk to Gabe about how he started working with Product Configuration Tools in 2000, how he got engaged in advanced pricing capabilities, what he considers the most interesting CPQ development and much more

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