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CPQ Podcast

Feb 28, 2021

Tyler Moini founded Expedite Commerce in 2008 and is the Chief Customer Officer. He lives with his family in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area in Texas. In this interview he talks about working on the initial Verizon Wireless team, why they decided to develop CPQ, eCommerce and Billing capabilities at the same time,...

Feb 21, 2021


Marin Ukalovic is VP + Chief Product Owner, Digital Configuration Lifecyle and has been with SAP since 1999. He lives with his family in Walldorf, Germany. In this interview he talks about co-authoring 5 books that made it to the SAP Bestseller List, the Configuration Workgroup (CWG), various SAP...

Feb 14, 2021

This is an episode where I share a short outlook of what you can expect from the CPQ market in 2021. Main capabilities discussed are

  1. CPQ + eCommerce/self serve
  2. Integration with other solutions + data integration
  3. More CPQ+ Solutions

Anyone interested to get regular and more detailed information about the global CPQ...

Feb 7, 2021

Brian Lesczynski is Director of CPQ at Lippert and lives in Fort Worth, TX. He has been working with the Infor CPQ Solution for 13+ year. In this interview he shares his experience working with Infor CPQ, he talks about how and where CPQ is used, how many users use Infor CPQ, he provides some tips and tricks regarding...