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CPQ Podcast

Apr 14, 2024

Join us for an interview with Tiffany Devlin-Drye (Principal Consultant) and John Lehrkind (Salesforce Practice Leader) from Pierce Washington!

About Pierce Washington

  • System integrator specializing in Salesforce,, and Oracle CPQ
  • Backed by private equity investors
  • Team of approximately 100 consultants
  • Locations: Bay Area, USA and London, UK

Podcast Discussion:

This episode dives into the world of CPQ with insights from Pierce Washington's experts. We'll cover:

  • Salesforce's New Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM) Solution: Explore some functionalities and potential impact of this new offering.
  • Demystifying "Total Commerce": Learn Pierce Washington's definition of "total commerce" and its relevance to CPQ.
  • Top Client Business Needs: Discover the most common business requirements Pierce Washington encounters.
  • and Oracle CPQ: Delve into these CPQ solutions and their role in Pierce Washington's services.
  • ERP Integrations and CPQ Success: Understand how ERP integrations can drive a thriving CPQ business.

We'll also explore other relevant topics to provide you a well-rounded understanding of Pierce Washingtons CPQ practices.