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CPQ Podcast

May 26, 2024

This CPQ Podcast episode features Mitesh Sura, Practice Lead and Chief Growth Officer at GoCloudz. GoCloudz offers a modular CPQ solution built natively for the Salesforce platform.

In this interview, Mitesh discusses:

  • GoCloudz CPQ Functionality: Learn about the core functionalities of GoCloudz, including product configuration, quoting with PDF generation, and order management.
  • Use Cases and Industries: Discover the industries and business scenarios where GoCloudz CPQ is most commonly applied.
  • Salesforce AppExchange Reviews: Learn about their user ratings and reviews to get a sense of how other Salesforce users experience GoCloudz.
  • Free Trial Availability: Learn more about GoCloudz free trials so interested parties can test their solution before committing.

Additionally, the conversation touches on:

  • The most frequent business needs that GoCloudz encounters from potential CPQ users.

Target Audience: This episode is interesting for Salesforce users or businesses considering a CPQ solution, particularly SMBs and mid-sized companies.