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CPQ Podcast

Apr 21, 2024

In this episode of the CPQ Podcast, join me as I chat with Suren Reddy from Cloudely. Suren sheds light on their latest product, "Config," and delves into their System Integration Services tailored for Salesforce, Conga, and Throughout the discussion, Suren covers:

  • The role of artificial intelligence within their proprietary solution and its application in supporting off-the-shelf solutions.
  • The significance of plug-and-play systems.
  • Integration packages designed to connect CPQ with other solutions.
  • Cloudely's focus on serving SMBs and mid-size customers.
  • Their utilization of ChatGPT internally and within their new product.
  • Suren's perspective on the diminishing relevance of coding and the importance of embracing no-code/low-code solutions.
  • Insights into Conga Connect, Dreamforce, and SaaStr.

Tune in for an engaging conversation packed with valuable insights into CPQ and beyond.