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CPQ Podcast

Feb 18, 2018

Show Notes:
This is our third interview with an Education Institution (University/College) and Prof. Frank Piller provides valuable and interesting perspectives for anyone interested to learn more about Mass Customization, Product Configuration and CPQ. 
  • You can contact Prof. Piller on linkedin or send him an email here 
  • Mass Customization (with Q&A) is here
  • Free video MOOC on Mass Customization is here
  • Super site with 1000s of customizations is here
  • Prof. Piller’s new Book “Leading Mass Customization and Personalization - 24 expert interviews: How to profit from service and product customization in e-commerce and beyond” is here . Authors are Prof. Piller, D.Walcher, G.Buchegger
  • The study with the watches mentioned in the video is here
  • Study about the future of 3d printing in 2030, with links to configuration is here
  • All his publications on mass customization and configuration, most with a free download are here